Closes 7.30 am, 22nd Jan, 2022


Port Victoria and Point Pearce


Clem Graham Snr Memorial Butterfish Competition 2022


Time & Location

Closes 7.30 am, 22nd Jan, 2022

Port Victoria and Point Pearce, Port Victoria SA 5573, Australia

About The Event

Clem Graham Senior Memorial Butterfish Competition, a long tradition that brings competitors from all over to compete for the prestigious titles of the 'Butterfish King' and $1000 prize money. Wayne Newchurch Snr Most Butterfish trophy and $500, Under 18's Division, Geoffrey 'Scooby' Webb 'Butterfish Prince' , Neville O'Loughlin Most Butterfish Trophy and $500 for each winner and the newly introduced SuperFish for over 55's only, prize money $200 you will not need to regster to also be eligibe for the Open Men competition.

A Narungga delegate will be officiating with the support from PIRSA to adjudicate and count fish at the 'Point' and Port Victoria Bot Ramp between 3.30pm and 4.00pm STRICTLY NO FISH will be alowed after the cut off time . All fish will need to be recorded with pectoral fins snipped by the attending representatives. 

Due to COVID there will be no presentation, will inform you all of how winners will be presented with prizemoney and trophies.

See schedule for more information and PLEASE READ RULES, its only fair to all participants and in spirit of the competition.

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Clem Graham Snr Butterfish Competition Rules

1. All competitors must REGISTER  and nominate their division to be eligible for trophies and prizes.

2. Competitors can only nominate for ONE division and be eligible for the title and prize money on their registration.

3. Two divisions and categories​; Open Men's and Under 18's Biggest Fish, and Open Men's and Under 18's Most Fish.      Each has a Title, trophy and prize money.

4. All competitors' fish must be caught on the day of competition.

5. Clem Graham Snr Butterfish Competition will begin at 7:30am and conclude at 4.30pm sharp, NO EXCEPTIONS.

6. All skippers and boat owners are required to have all safety equipment and are RESPONSIBLE for their passengers and vessel.


7. The Most Butterfish categories promote an HONESTY policy. There will be officials scrutinizing. Any skippers and/or competitor(s) found to be dishonest may be banned for a minimum of 2 years from any category, receipt of prizes and/or supporting the event. There will be an official count and sight by nominated officials, at the NOMINATED LOCATIONS BY EVENT COORDINATORS.

8. All Butterfish that will be either eligible for the Biggest Fish and 'Most Fish categories need to be bigger than 30 cm.

9. The Clem Graham Snr 'Butterfish King' and Geoffrey 'Scooby' Webb'Butterfish Prince' competition times will also cease as per schedule. Each competitor must present their BIGGEST fish to be marked by officials within the time limit. The OFFICIAL measure of marked fish and registered competitors will be held at the Port Victoria as per the scheduled times of event. All competitors must present their fish at the nominated time. NO EXCEPTIONS.

10. Competition coordinator has the discretion to apply, revise and/or add new rules as deemed appropriate, the decisions of winner will be FINAL. PLEASE READ THIS RULE!!!!!!