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Butterfish Competition registrations now open

The Clem Graham Senior Memorial Butterfish Competition will take place on Saturday 27 January. It is a long standing tradition that brings competitors from all over to compete for the following prestigious titles and prizes:

•    Biggest butterfish 'Butterfish King' & $1000 prize money
•    Wayne Newchurch Snr Most Butterfish trophy & $750
•    Under 18's Division, Geoffrey 'Scooby' Webb 'Butterfish Prince'  & $750
•    Under 18's Neville O'Loughlin Most Butterfish Trophy & $500 for each winner  
•    SuperFish for over 55's only, prize money $300 

You will not need to register to also be eligible for the Open Men competition.

A Narungga delegate will be officiating with the support from PIRSA to adjudicate and count fish at the 'Point' and Port Victoria Boat Ramp between 3.30pm and 4.00pm STRICTLY NO FISH will be allowed after the cut off time. All fish will need to be recorded with pectoral fins snipped by the attending representatives. 

Schedule will be posted on Facebook page in the week of the event. 

Registrations close 5pm on Wednesday 24 January, 2024.

Please click the REGISTER NOW button below to enter. You will be taken to the official registration page. 

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